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Greater Salt Lake Area


Greater Salt Lake Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this investigational drug safe?

The Food and Drug Administration has allowed this study to proceed based on an acceptable safety profile of the investigational drug. In two previous clinical studies, the investigational drug was shown to be as safe as the placebo. Obtaining further safety data is one of the objectives of this pilot study.

Does participation require any travel?

No, this study can be done completely from the safety and comfort of your own home or apartment. You do not have to visit a doctor’s office or go to a hospital.

Where is this study taking place?

To be eligible to participate, trial subjects must live in the Greater Salt Lake City area so that investigational product and symptom measuring devices can be delivered in a timely fashion.

Should I talk to my doctor?

You are welcome to talk to your doctor about participation in this clinical study. A medical doctor associated with the clinical trial itself will also be a source of information to assist in your decision to participate or not.

Are you providing compensation to participate?

Yes. Subjects in this pilot trial will receive a modest stipend for participating.

Is this study blinded and controlled?

Yes, subjects will be equally and randomly assigned to either the group receiving the investigational drug (thimerosal oral solution) or the group receiving placebo. Both subjects and study personnel will be blinded as to group assignments. However, after 48 hours to 59 hours of initial dosing, subjects receiving the placebo will be switched to thimerosal oral solution for the balance of the 10-day study.